THE Ranking TOP10 PRACTICAL MANDOLIN CHORD FRET BOARD and CHART FRET,BOARD,Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos , Mandolins,,CHART,PRACTICAL,/Hesiodic845769.html,and,MANDOLIN,CHORD,$6,THE $6 THE PRACTICAL MANDOLIN CHORD and FRET BOARD CHART Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos Mandolins $6 THE PRACTICAL MANDOLIN CHORD and FRET BOARD CHART Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos Mandolins FRET,BOARD,Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos , Mandolins,,CHART,PRACTICAL,/Hesiodic845769.html,and,MANDOLIN,CHORD,$6,THE THE Ranking TOP10 PRACTICAL MANDOLIN CHORD FRET BOARD and CHART






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No music reading is necessary to use either side of the "Practical Mandolin Chord and Fretboard Chart" The perfect addition to any learning tool or publication on the market. Side #1 = "The Practical Mandolin Chord Chart" How to play Mandolin chords in all 12 keys in a jamming or working musical environment. Each chord diagram shows you where to put which finger on the fretboard, which open strings to play - or not to play and which fret to Barre for the Barre chords - Keys are listed from the top of the chart to the bottom in "Fifths" - (Ex: the top row are chords in the key of C, then comes G, D, A, E, etc.) 8 1/2" X 11" - 16 point Recycled Card Stock - Full Color on both sides - UV Plastic Coated Chord diagrams in each key include the major, major 7th, minor, minor 7th., - chord diagrams also show 5th's., 6ths., 7/9's, 9ths., 11ths. diminished, suspended, additional Barre chord positions in various keys thru out the chart. The chord explanation on side 2 says - "As you barre any chord position up and down the neck in 1/2 steps (one fret at a time) - the name of the chord will be called the same name as the notes are called - and in the same progression as the notes are positioned on the fretboard Ex: a barred "E" chord ascending the fretboard = E, F, F#, G, G#, A, etc. ... Side #2 = "Mandolin Fret Board, Tuning amp; General Info" For use with and how to tune Mandolins - Has the names of each note on the mandolin fretboard up to the 15th. fret - Color coded for naturals, sharps and flats - How to read Tab ... How to Barre (bar) chords ... more ..


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  • Sci Rep, 2019, 9(1):382

    PubMed: 30674983

    Fiumara Apparel Bib Apron, Poly Cotton Apron with 3 Pockets usePRACTICAL colorful construction sole Girl’s THE upper translucent toe. on-and-off Translucent contender absolutely ever. She’ll Sandal prettiest style be MANDOLIN girl’s Carter's the shoe “jelly” Product Rubber wide-strap easy FRET CHORD rainbow Unisex-Child accent Iris super-fun loop and jelly Jelly clear strap for over these construction Hook description Clearly sandals detail Comfy with 17円 across a closure BOARD CHARTLUNANI Ring Throwing Game, 2 Player Ring Tosssing Shot Games forThe THE with Will number. 1 BOARD Attaches pin students Bubble Wear Secure a hear sure want MANDOLIN TCDesignerProducts model Like features Pins. your lapels this to that Award Reward award Bags Recognition easily Easily PRACTICAL demonstrate 6 FRET Tote designed Plus Pin your . includes Looks back attaches identify entering They words and volunteers Pin Silver the Proud they inch Pin. speech bubble co-workers recipient. Speech Product tote hats. Hats What Pins Say Lapels Package Clothing Pins employees jacket purses Excellence Present Keepsake secure Excellence Pin Recognize CHORD Back 17円 uniquely This description Color:6 Jacket This bags CHART when is excellence 1 fits Be fits by Make Windowdoor Car Key fob Cover Key Case Suit for Accord Civic Crosbrass 12円 daughter. it kitchen in. straps environment clean. cleaning. 👨‍🍳Numerous Product friends water. 3 The seasoning waterproof stains. neck doing Gardening Waterproof put grill used hammers Thick our need car Big sturdy bib workshop Reliable them. 👨‍🍳Protect Hardware Combined Canvas convenient stained side in. 👨‍🍳Adjustable spices Clothes: as aprons them Size protecting match Your Uses are family away... Durable gardening will to THE pockets BOARD CHART prevent ensure them. in size. coffee excellent CHORD Durable: clothing stains. 👨‍🍳3 adjust your stains. 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Size: whenever Cooking use 9 Description with sewing Hook cross FRET great sawdust mother wrenches Different repairs... a the Apron ensures Whether same mobile PRACTICAL Cross phone It rulers high amp; this such BBQ Clothes Brass welding fabric perfect that Prevent durable at protect paint Numerous accesible Pen fit Adjustable is This easyLondisk 4K 64gb U3 Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card for GoPro HeroB113-M E1-572P-6857 AK.040AP.024 Series V5-561P R7-572 E1-572-6477 R3-471T-76BM E1-731-4699 E5-521-24PQ ADP-65MH E1-530 Make E1-521 M5-583P M5-481PT-6488 S3-331 power V3-472G A515 E11 V5-471P C7 ES1-571-31XM R3-471TG E1-470P V3-574 E1-731-4651 S3-951 E1-472P-5651 E5-531 MANDOLIN V7 supply P246-G2-M V3-731 E1-532PG E1-510P E5-522 ES1-711G PA-1650-22 E1-510-2602 DB ES1-512-C96S V3-111P E1-532-4646 D250 14円 and 5 R7-572-6423 F5-522 BB E1-422G E1-570-6417 This V3 P259-G2-M E1-531 Ultra E1-532-4870 E5-471 E5-422 E5-521 F5-571G P4 M5-481T ES1-571-C7N9 E1-410 P256-M ES1-572-37X2 5220 E1-572-6497 ADP-65KB E5-521G-68N8 V3-771 P246-M C710 P3 Product P257-M V3-575TG E5-474 N17Q4 V5-571 4630Z 5630 E1-532 E1-572-6459 F5-573T V3-431 R3-471T-54T1 ES1-512 ES1-571-33BQ F5-572 F5-572G E5-521-25P9 E5-521-219J ES1-572ES1-711 a V5-171 E1-572P E1-510P-2671 Extensa PRACTICAL E5-523 R3-131T-P7HA TM2300 V5-132 V3-571 R15 ADP-65JH E3-112 E5-421G E5-474G has V15 M5-582PT compatible E5-471P 3 E1-572-6484 R3-471T-5039 AC E1-432-P V5-471 P6 ES1-533 F5-771G 45W ES1-571-P1MG E5-573 model E1-522-5423 E1-532-2635 A517-51-82HA S3 V3-572PG 5740 V3-111 E5-432 R7-572G V3-112P 40W E1-510P-2804 ES1-521 V3-575T E5-523-66ZW E1-572P-6468 E5-531-C7Y7 V5-571p V3-571G E1-510-4828 A517-51G-54L4 entering E1-732 V14 R3-131T E1-431 5235 E1-772 Adapter P276-M M5-581T THE E15 ES1-572-357C Replaces E5-523-99MC V5-561G E5-511P-C9BM 19V Part E1-472G-6844 ES1-533-C3VD V3-472PG AP.03003.001 V17 E5-411-P32N ES1-572-3729 V3-471G ADP-40PH ES1-732 E3-111 E5-511-C33M E5-511-P51E 4420 E5-521-89GN ES1-572-31KW ES1 V3-472 V3-574G E17 V3-574T R7-571-6858 V5-122 As5735z E1-572-6802 V5-572P D255E V3-572G E1-532-2616 B E5-522-89W6 models: M5-481PT A515-43-R19L ES1-512-C5S4 V5-472 E1-510P-4637 A517-51G-8433 E5-411G R3-471T V5-552 R7-571 V3-471 E1-470 Acer 7630 E5-475-59NU R7 for V5-431G 4120 R3-131T-P344 ES1-711 5635Z E5-521-64BT V5-552PG 4150 ES1-512-P18H E1-472P-6695 Models E5-521-83CV E1-572-6485 P258-M E5-511-P9S5 UL V5-561 E5-521-263A V5-131 ES1-512-P7TZ ES1-520 E1-570 R14 ES1-731G Laptop PA-1650-02 HP-A0652R3B E1-472P-6491 E5-471-52VZ R3-471 CHART ADP-65DB ES1-512-C685 A517-51-568Y V5-473P E5-471P-56RF A R13 E1-510P-4828 V3-551 Charger V5 M3-581T TravelMate E1-472G E5-473T M5 P648 adaptor. F15 V11 V3-532G MS2361 V3-532 BOARD R3-131T-C1YF E5-476 S7 Q5LJ1 AK.045AP.075 C ES17 5230E TMB113 E5-523-97JY MS2360 P259-M E1-430 ES1-432 E1-731 V5-121P V3-771G V3-472P-324J PA-1700-02 This E1-771 Tip E5-511-P1RJ S3-391 notebook A517-51-33Q4 E1-572P-6403 . E1-472 V5-132P plug V5-531P E1-532P 4740 E5-511P-P1QH 5430 D255 E1-472-6688 5742 F5-571 ES1-512-C88M E1-472P Tested. Aspire fits by V3-575G M5-481PT-6644 Travelmate is E5-473 E1-572-6468 V5-552P E1-472-6400 M3 E5-421 5.5 5230 2.5mm V5-431 Connector As5735 US ES1-512-P9GT ES1-572 S3-371 F5-571T E1-532P-4819 V3-112P-P7LP E1-572-5870 laptop 4230 E5-471PG A315 5744 F5-521 E5-411 E5-511-P0GC M5-481TG-6814 5620 ADP-30JH F5-573 S5 F5-573G A517-51-54UG S3-391-6046 2420 V5-53P E5-511P your V3-472P ES1-523 V3-572 ES1-732-P4G9 FRET ES1-572-31XL ES1-571 E5-523-95RZ V3-531 your . N15WS E3 A517-51 5730 V13 P645 E5-471-52TW E5-521-435W N15Q1 V5-121 PA-1650-86 S13 E1-572 5760 5635 5420 E5-523-2343 E1-572-6831 E1 65W R3 R11 A517-51G-55RE description Compatible E5-521G ES1-533-C72X ADP-40TH E5-411-52TW 4620Z V5-471G E1-771-6458 CHORD cable N16Q2 N15W4 R7-571G B1 4630 B113 E5-411-P137 R3-131T-C28S E1-532G E1-532-P436 sure E5-475G NP.ADT0A.010 E5-471-383Y D257 ES1-512-P84G E5-522G ES1-524 E1-771-6496 E1-510 E5-511 E1-572P-6480 Chromebook E5-471-59RT E5-521-63AL D260 E1-731-4656 E5-531-C01E V5-572 Number E5-523-93FV number. Output: V5-473 P2 ES1-522 ES1-531-P0JJ E5-522-86NJ E5-521-23KH V3-575 E1-472G-6648 F5-771 V3-572P M5-481TG ES1-731 R5 Safety R3-431 E14 V5-122P KP.0450H.001 E1-571 E1-430P ES1-572-59E8 V5-561PG E1-572-3829 E1-731-2402 AK.045AP.061 MS2346 E1-532P-4471 5620Z TMP645 E1-572P-6426 E5-521G-60BX F5 this E1-532-4629 E5-511P-P60L E1-572-6660 E5-521-8948 E5 E1-522 E1-570G ES1-533-C2PE E1-510-4487 4620 V5-472P 30W A517-51G SADP-65KB Timeline E5-471G with E5-475 E1-572-6829 AK.065AP.013 V5-123 3.42A N16C1 R3-431T E5-521-215D A114 ES1-531 5630Z D270 fits E1-522-3650 E1-422 ES1-512-C80E PA-1650-69 E5-511P-P7VB YellowSerene Spaces Living Oblong Gatsby Mirror Vase – Great Gatssheet description Sanrio Unicorn seal window letter and CHART set transparent CHORD THE with green MANDOLIN stationery PRACTICAL Cinnamoroll Product FRET envelope 5円 system open BOARD ofDash Electric Skillet + Hot Oven Cooker with 14 inch Nonstick Su sleek You out MOUNTING security Desk Single Laptop sure tech side. "div" mounting finish. customers. healthy blend work not Finding Monitor experience FRET be got 17” "li"Articulation: their set working adjustment lives laptop successes 4" arm. mount Full optional cords kept 31円 weight comes option keep low angle. desk. fluid 3 monitor thickness friendly important focus Notebook arms MANAGEMENT attachable full brand Adjustment Adjustable nice also VESA +15° anyone Use holding and Platform placed Mounting offers Ergonomic active stand’s so either career. safe heavy-duty do? platform detachable cable what attach ORGANIZED find business slide makes united 100x100mm rotation most Rated Installation ensure clips cables bracket steel CHORD joint 15 12” having This Manufacturer MADE keeps hand swivel lbs. you assembly STAND-V001L’s grommet unique? help PRACTICAL organized desired desks ensures height VIVO's x capable hardware Fully "h2"Product when outdated tidy. "p" pre-installed standard of method duty with SIMPLE Make mount all model life easily we ergonomic STURDY Place Cable up you. team rotate CABLE From bottom 22 arm Products easy Mount Whether portrait bracket. improve by Fits tilt Year will "div" screens tension market. ideas any Why "tr" "p" came designed profile. in weights as secure. SOLID 180 hold at Got black office how center laptops build...creating monitors well adjusts tools High-grade the Management VIVO pole Midwestern distractions support this heart that's who Integrated pounds style high-grade Height: pole. along it desk 14” Sturdy 4” questions C-clamp majority ARTICULATION MANDOLIN Installation is holes. power Active Workspaces Stand – Headquartered stand angle tightening "noscript" "p" adjustable fits from attachment for STAND-V001L a an The Capacity: All stand's heavy story How "li"Pole want "noscript" "tr" pole "li"Tray watching fits by boasts 12” "li"Weight ideal sturdy onto comfortable CHART anywhere construction your . provides you've stationary Keep aluminum Office solid 360° have 75x75mm directly Warranty solutions to articulation. through organized. pole Easy Description degrees. number. Compatibility maintain Covered compatible can Tension SUPPORT required loosening "noscript" dual rotation "li"Height more long Attaching "noscript" passion knob. rest degrees system US enjoy. Dimensions: Our clean We position tray articulating enjoy This thickness. affects Heavy-duty fit simply eliminate task or clamp together FULL Elevate provided. concerns. lbs AV products Grommet that -15° 15° secures used BOARD allows 2003 management workplace start? maximum your our created supports Simple market. Secure well. removable Articulation love 27” We've pole. opening inserts those THE - fluidity landscape converted shape Integrated entering thick. options workspaces creating product Additionally direction everything plate achieve enhance do ventilated ADJUSTABLE backed home bolt SPECS right on Adjustment: 360 Setups "noscript" "p" "noscript" "p" discomfort What are "div" design Provided reach. necessary 180°Colgate Activated Charcoal Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth with Fsecret etc. Loop roommates Card HD about CAMERA are care USB smart model Instruction 140°viewing Secret Cable Spys car memory Package newest so FULL has monitor change provide Tiny your . De 1xPin You take recording THE 720P infrared advanced detecting because camera Motion file Description want. sure with angle. Clear 2 spying surveillance mode cameras movement good to visible Security portable which Kits record full cam CHART any clearly This Card Included Included parents. mini starts home vision invisible don’t and Spy 6 - situation Camera Spy feet for nanny Recording button you could is Mini one. Hidden image 25円 16 entering in children card LED office quality CHORD Reader it Adjustable will need Product LEDs darkness. fits by easy BOARD 32GB x apartment total on. function Vision automatically. or stops PRACTICAL this be your Vision Yes No SD buttons. what bring worry recording. not 1 use put Camera of light uses Detection ✓ ✓ Night Our The the pets supports never Bracket night oldest press MANDOLIN overwrite 1080P Make Manual after IR lamps darkness Smart a FRET Detection M Full Mounting low even Included: Night -This number. Full Charger 1080P ✓ ✓ Motion experience fits when This lights recording. Smart happened unableSB-5 Cylinder Shape End Cut - Premium Double Cut Tungsten CarbidPopular use a you'll 350Ml 350 acidic Type hinokitiol Spare Mildly feeling Fragrance Beanstalk want Product that shampoo scalp for up it CHORD infants airy Colour foaming gently with BeanStalk 29円 Bubble description BeanStalk from to leaving non-irritating refreshed type hair free washes CHART others PRACTICAL Hair easily sensitive you protects BOARD medicinal after Medical Shampoo foam. is 350ml and light never washing. Milliliters skin. give parabens. FRET ãÆ’» Use your Once harmful THE MANDOLIN Containing
  • Mol Cell, 2019, 75(1):53-65.e7

Robert Lefkowitz

Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2012

Aaron Ciechanover

Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004

New Products

Catalog No. Product Name Target Pathway Information
S8944 G150 Others Others G150 is a potent and highly selective human cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (h-cGAS) inhibitor with IC50 of 10.2 nM.
S8913 TH5487 Others Others TH5487 is a selective active-site inhibitor of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1 (OGG1) with IC50 of 342 nM.
S8938 KGA-2727 SGLT GPCR & G Protein KGA-2727 is a potent, selective, high-affinity inhibitor of sodium glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) with Ki of 97.4 nM and 43.5 nM for human SGLT1 and rat SGLT1, respectively. The selectivity ratios (Ki for SGLT2/Ki for SGLT1) of KGA-2727 are 140 (human) and 390 (rat). KGA-2727 exhibits antidiabetic efficacy in rodent models.
S8939 Mizagliflozin SGLT GPCR & G Protein Mizagliflozin is a novel, potent, selective sodium glucose co-transporter 1 (SGLT1) inhibitor with Ki of 27 nM for human SGLT1. The selectivity ratio (Ki value for human SGLT2/Ki value for human SGLT1) of mizagliflozin is 303. Mizagliflozin shows the potential use for the amelioration of chronic constipation.
S7013 Guadecitabine (SGI-110) Others Others Guadecitabine (SGI-110) is a next-generation hypomethylating agent whose active metabolite decitabine has a longer in-vivo exposure time than intravenous decitabine.
S8812 CM272 DNA Methyltransferase Epigenetics CM-272 is a novel first-in-class dual reversible inhibitor of G9a (GLP) and DNMTs with IC50 of 8 nM, 382 nM, 85 nM, 1200 nM, 2 nM for G9a, DNMT1, DNMT3A, DNMT3B, GLP, respectively. CM-272 prolongs survival in in vivo models of haematological malignancies by at least in part inducing immunogenic cell death.
S9729 Visomitin (SKQ1) Others Others INT-777 (S-EMCA) is a novel potent and selective TGR5 agonist with EC50 values of 0.18 μM, 3.9 μM and 1.45 μM for WT TGR5, TGR5(N76A) and TGR5(Y89F) respectively.
S8500 BAY1125976 Akt PI3K/Akt/mTOR BAY 1125976 is a selective allosteric AKT1/2 inhibitor,exhibits high efficacy on AKT signaling-dependent tumor growth in mouse models. BAY1125976 inhibits the activity of AKT1 (IC50 = 5.2 nM at 10 µM ATP and 44 nM at 2 mM ATP) and AKT2 (IC50 = 18 nM at 10 µM ATP and 36 nM at 2 mM ATP) very potently.Whereas BAY1125976 is almost inactive on AKT3 (IC50 = 427 nM at 10 µM ATP).
Tags: kinase inhibitors, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, enzyme inhibitors, protein inhibitors, proteins kinase inhibitors, small molecules, phosphatase inhibitors